Top IB Results for Students at Emirates International School – Meadows

Emirates International School – Meadows has achieved amongst the best International Baccalaureate (IB) results in Dubai, reflecting the school’s best performance at IB to date.

EIS-Meadows said that one of its students, Armin Ghofrani achieved a perfect score, receiving the maximum 45 points out of 45. “This is an incredible achievement that only approximately 200 students worldwide manage each year,” said Kathryn Dyche-Nichols, Principal of the school. “Not only did Armin attain a perfect score but he did so in subjects which include Higher Level Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, considered by many as the most challenging combination.” 

Armin will now embark on a gap year travelling and working throughout Europe.

Two other students achieved 44 points each in this year’s IB examination results - Vishal Kumar, class Valedictorian and Rahul Samuel, winner of the prestigious Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Award. Vishal has secured a place at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom to study Law and Jurisprudence, while Rahul will take up a place at The Rotman School of Management, The University of Toronto Canada to study Business. 

Vivek Raja, another exceptionally successful students, attained a very impressive 43 points with 7s in both Higher Level Mathematics and Chemistry. Vivek will now take a gap year as a volunteer at the MJF charitable foundation in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, EIS-Meadows Head Boy, Hamza Qureshi received 42 points at IB which has secured him a place at the University of Bristol in the UK to study Film and Television.

Since the founding of EIS-Meadows in 2005, students have consistently achieved exceptional grades in IB examinations. The school said that overall 17 per cent of all its IB students achieved 40 or more points in this year’s examination results. That is equivalent to, or more than, 4 A*s at A-level. 

The school also announced that one of its students, Kareem Mousa, achieved 99 per cent in Arabic, testament to the importance placed on the Arabic language at Emirates International School -  Meadows. Kareem will take up a place at the Universidad Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, Spain where he will study Dentistry.

Principal of the school, Kathryn Dyche-Nichols, praised the students for their exceptional results, "This is an excellent set of results for our students – we have a very diverse cohort of young people who are set to study at prestigious Universities throughout the world."

She added, "Students at EIS – Meadows consistently achieve high grades.  The results this year have set the bar even higher in an exam system recognized as world-leading. It is a testimony to the quality of the IB provisions at the school."

Andrew Williams, Head of High School, said, “Every single one of our IB Diploma students has left with more than just a set of exam results. They have taken with them a wide range of highly sought-after skills that will help them both at university and in the workplace. IB students can work independently, have learnt to manage their time, can present and work in teams and they possess that advanced critical thinking skill that are in demand.”