Khalaf Al Habtoor believes in the right of all people to live a decent life and finds serenity through giving and sharing what he has. He knows that philanthropy should be independent of race, religion and geography.

His interest in general human welfare is shown in large-scale gifts for institutions that result in human advancement, including a Simulation Centre at the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research and a Leadership Centre in Illinois College, USA.

Khalaf Al Habtoor topped the 2008 UAE Red Crescent Society's honour list. He has also received awards from the International Indigent Orphan Relief Organisation, Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, Al Ain Centre for Handicapped Children and the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre. His pioneering spirit and achievements were recognised when he received the Gulf Excellence Award of the UAE in 2005. British Members of Parliament honoured him with the World Forum Award for his efforts in fostering peaceful and useful relationships between the Arab World and the West.

Whilst these awards and donations are significant, Khalaf Al Habtoor believes that a culmination of small and worthwhile acts can be as significant as large ones.