Al Habtoor Group Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Al Tadawi Healthcare Group


-    Mohamad bin Khalaf Al Habtoor: Al Tadawi is a leading national institution that provides healthcare to patients according to the highest global standards.
-    Marwan Ibrahim Haji Nasser: Establishing fixed clinics for Al Habtoor Group employees, providing telemedicine services, and delivering medication to patients' homes.
-    The agreement includes providing healthcare services to guests of the group's hotels.

Al Habtoor Group in Dubai and Al Tadawi Healthcare Group, "one of the leading national medical institutions in healthcare," have signed a memorandum of understanding, under which all healthcare and medical services will be provided to Al Habtoor Group employees and its hotels’ guests, starting from the date of signing the memorandum.

The agreement, signed by Mohamad bin Khalaf Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman and CEO of Al Habtoor Group, and Marwan Ibrahim Haji Nasser, Chairman and CEO of Al Tadawi Healthcare Group, aims to provide healthcare to thousands of employees in Al Habtoor Group companies, as well as a large number of tourists and guests of Al Habtoor City hotels and the group's hotels.

Mohamad Al Habtoor stated, "The Group is keen to provide the best healthcare for its employees of various categories, ages, and nationalities. The Group has chosen to collaborate with Al Tadawi Healthcare Group as a leading national institution, managed by a national team eager to provide healthcare according to the best global standards for patients and visitors."

Al Habtoor added, "Al Tadawi Healthcare Group provides high-quality healthcare services in its hospitals and healthcare centers, delivered by distinguished consultants and specialists in various fields, ensuring complete health security for our employees."

Marwan Ibrahim Haji Nasser expressed his deep appreciation for Al Habtoor Group's decision to choose Al Tadawi Group to provide healthcare for its employees, noting that Al Habtoor Group is a global national economic entity, and we take pride in providing our services to those in various categories and specialties.

Nasser explained that under the agreement, fixed clinics will be established for Al Habtoor Group employees, estimated to be in the thousands, providing telemedicine services, and delivering medication to the homes of employees. In addition, they will be received at Al Tadawi Hospital, which provides care in all medical specialties.

He further stated, "Under the agreement, Al Tadawi Healthcare Group will also receive guests of Al Habtoor City hotels and the group's hotels of various nationalities, to provide complete healthcare for any emergency case and medical conditions in various specialties."

Al Habtoor Group and Al Tadawi Healthcare Group are two leading national institutions in providing healthcare and community services to global standards, in line with the strategy and direction of the Emirate of Dubai, which has established the principle of leadership in everything.