An Exceptional Opening Ceremony for Al Habtoor Research Centre


- An elite of intellectuals and cultural figures, senior media professionals and experts attended the opening ceremony, which featured a distinguished presentation about the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the world future.

- Al Habtoor: Our goal is to provide serious research services that help to promote the efforts of sustainable socio-economic development. The Center is a nucleus for the support of Arab youth and governments.

- Al Habtoor: The Center will be a beacon for Arab thought comparable to major international research centers and will help in identifying global transformations and future outlooks.

Al Habtoor Research Centre (AHRC) in Cairo was launched in an exceptional opening ceremony on Saturday 9 September. The event was attended by an elite of intellectual and cultural figures, officials, senior media professionals and experts specialized in various fields in Egypt and the Arab world. It is a leading and influential research center specialized in various political, economic and security fields.

The most prominent attendees were Mr. Amr Moussa, Former Secretary-General of the Arab League, Dr. Mustafa al-Faqi, a political intellectual, Ambassador Ahmad Abou Zeid, the official spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and Ambassador Mohamed al-Orabi, former Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a video was screened featuring Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, who stated that he established the Center to be a beacon for Arab thought comparable to major international research centers, through the drafting and publishing of research and studies in various fields for the benefit of the Arab countries in the political, economic, social and security fields. The center would also examine the global transformations and their impact on the region, probing future outlooks and sending early warning signals about major issues, which would be of interest to decision-makers.

The AHRC team gave a distinguished presentation on the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the world future, through video clips that warned of the fact that machines outdo the human role in some cases.

Mr Al Habtoor welcomed all attendees, expressing his pleasure to launch AHRC in Cairo in the presence of prominent researchers and public figures. He stressed that his aim was to provide serious research services that help to promote the efforts of sustainable socio-economic development in UAE, his home country, and all friendly Arab states.

On choosing Cairo to host the Center, Al Habtoor said: "Cairo is a land of knowledge; it has knowledge and youth. Therefore, we open the Center here in Cairo to be a nucleus for all Arab youth, governments and decision-makers who can benefit from the Center's research and studies. It also provides an opportunity to train and educate a new generation of researchers." He noted that he decided to rely on youth as there are young people who have extensive expertise and experience, which would enhance the benefits as well as generation complementarity.

He added: "We are highly indebted to Egypt. It sent us teachers, schoolbooks, and experts in various fields. Our love for Egypt is deeply rooted in our hearts, souls, and minds. We hope that the Center would make great contributions to the Arab world at the time being and to the whole world in the future."

Mr Al Habtoor expressed his hope that the Center "would achieve prompt results for everyone through the official website, as well as the research and studies. I am pleased to receive feedbacks and proposals for improvement. We should listen to everyone to reach the highest level in research and benefit from all experiences."

Islam Kamal Ghoneim, CEO of the Center, said in the video clip: "We are working to provide all means of support and research tools in various global fields and issues, draft in-depth and scientific studies and research that contribute to supporting both Arab youth and governments and help in anticipating the future and taking the right decision."

On the objectives and plans, Dr. Azza Hachem, AHRC research director, said: "We aim at creating solutions and contributing to crisis management. Our role is focused on preventing crises or managing them in an effective and successful manner when they occur." According to her, centers of research and studies are key drivers in all major transformations in the world, as they play a crucial role in shaping the events.

She added: "Our goal is to create new elites capable of shaping thought among the Arab audience by raising awareness, supporting decision-makers and helping them to share various perspectives, in addition to foresight, early warning, anticipation in dealing with crises and disasters and predicting them as well as devising efficient solutions."

Dr. Mustafa al-Faqi said: "The event today is something to be proud of. It totally changed my views about Arab research centers, especially through the reliance on a distinguished young generation." He said that this initiative was totally compatible with Al Habtoor's vision and contributed to addressing the major challenges in the Arab countries and the world.