Al Habtoor Group denounces the announcement alleging a partnership with Luna PR and denies any venture in the NFT space


In an official statement, released to the media, Al Habtoor Group announced its wish to clarify that the Group and all its divisions, including Habtoor Hospitality (AKA Habtoor Hotels) have not signed any agreements with Luna PR nor the intention to enter the NFT space at the present time.

This is following the news released in several media outlets about a deal signed with Luna PR by Mr Habtoor Mohammed Al Habtoor.

A spokesperson for Al Habtoor Group said: “We are compelled to clarify that Al Habtoor Group has not entered into any deal with Luna PR relating to NFT space. Any deal or business connection taken by Mr Habtoor Mohammed Al Habtoor is done so in a personal capacity, and Al Habtoor Group is not liable under any circumstance for any damages or liabilities arising directly or indirectly from this business venture.”