New Strategic Partnership between AHG and Dubai Police for Community Service


Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group (AHG), received a delegation from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Dubai police, at the Group’s head office to discuss a new strategic partnership which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The delegation was headed by Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, and included Major Aref Ali Bishoh, Director of the Crime Reduction Unit, and Captain Hammoud Mohammed Salem, Director of Community Activities. The meeting was attended by Sultan Al Habtoor, Chairman of Al Habtoor Motors, Mohammad Al Habtoor, AHG Vice Chairman and CEO, Ahmad Al Habtoor, CEO of Al Habtoor Motors, and senior directors from AHG.

During the meeting, Al Habtoor and the Dubai Police delegation discussed the new partnership and stressed on the importance of cooperation between the private sector and the members of the community as a whole with the government security agencies to maintain the security and safety of everyone.

Al Habtoor thanked the Dubai Police represented by Brigadier Al Jalaf for their dedication and commitment to providing the best levels of security and safety: “In Dubai, we enjoy the best level of security thanks to the dedication and efforts of the Dubai Police. It is important that all of us, citizens, residents and investors alike, appreciate the great efforts deployed to maintain security. And we have a responsibility to do our part. As a Group, we are wholeheartedly prepared to do everything we can to contribute to security of our country.”

He added: “This new partnership is a reconfirmation of our commitment to work hand in hand with the Dubai Police and all government agencies to serve our community.”

Brigadier Al Jalaf stressed the importance of raising awareness among citizens and residents alike, and the need to create strategic partnerships between the police and the community to enhance a sense of security and reduce crime. He added that as part of its community activities, the Dubai Police has launched more than 18 initiatives to serve this goal in the framework of the preventive plans.

Finally, he expressed his happiness with this partnership between the Dubai Police and AHG, hoping that it would be crowned with success and that it would be the first of a series of initiatives in cooperation with the private sector to serve the community and enhance its security.