Khalaf Al Habtoor’s Philanthropic Support to Lebanon exceed AED 73 million ($20 million) in the last years


- More than AED 11 million ($ 3 million) donated to Lebanon since the Beirut Port explosion
- Al Habtoor pledges to donate an additional AED 1.8 million ($500000) to help in the reconstruction of houses damaged by the blast

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, the well-known UAE businessman and philanthropist, has so far made large donations to finance many charitable endeavours and initiatives around the world. More than AED 73 million have been donated to help the Lebanese people in the last years, irrespective of their religion or political affiliation.

After the massive blast that rocked the Beirut port in August, causing a large number of deaths and injuries, and widespread destruction, Al Habtoor commissioned a specialized work team, in coordination with Dar Al Fatwa and the Syndicate of Hospital Owners, to distribute medical supplies to the most damaged Lebanese hospitals. Life-saving equipment and basic healthcare supplies were provided to these hospitals.

Medical equipment and supplies of a value of more than AED 7.5 million ($2 million) were distributed to affected hospitals across the regions. These hospitals were: Haroun Hospital, Al Makasid Hospital, Levant Hospital, Rizk Hospital, Rafic Hariri Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Heart of Jesus Hospital, Saint Charles Hospital, Rosary Sisters Hospital and Notre Dame de Secours Hospital-Jbeil.

Al Habtoor also allocated an amount exceeding one million US dollars in the first phase to restore a number of damaged houses in the Ashrafieh area and its vicinity, in cooperation with Ground 0. Around 160 damaged homes would benefit from this initiative. He extended his support by an additional $500000 to repair more damaged houses in cooperation with Dar Al-Fatwa and Ground 0.

In December 2019, Al Habtoor came to the timely aid of poor families in Lebanon with humanitarian largesse in the form of food and blankets for the needy in time for the holiday season. The highlight of this leg of the charity drive in Lebanon was food packages and warm blankets distributed to more than 11,000 families in more than 100 villages, from the north to the south of the country. Aids were distributed to the needy regardless of their religious sect or political affiliation.

The food packages were split up for distribution between regions, with Akkar district – considered as the poorest in Lebanon - getting the largest share of 3,000 rations. The rest of the packages were distributed between Hrar area, Jabal Al Cheikh, Ekleem Al Ourkoub, Bint Jbeil, West Balbak, Ersal, Tripoli, Dinniyeh, Ketermayeh, Al Werdaniyeh, Al Burjain, Shouf Al Aala, Iqleem At-Tuffah, and Beirut.

In April 2019, Al Habtoor launched a charity campaign in Lebanon, during which more than ten thousand food packages were distributed to the needy across the country. The aid reached families of all religious sects. Aid agencies, relief organizations and non-governmental organizations, most notably the Lebanese Red Cross, participated in the campaign.

In December 2019, Al Habtoor launched an initiative to establish “the Lebanese Fund for a better future” to assist the Lebanese in need. He urged the Lebanese businessmen and wealthy people to participate in the initiative. The aim of the fund is to assist in providing basic needs, namely health care, food and housing for people in need in all Lebanese underprivileged areas without discrimination on the basis of religion, sect or political affiliation.

Al Habtoor called wealthy Lebaneseto help funding the initiative and assist their brethren. He pledged to donate AED 36.5 million ($10 million) in case the initiative was favourably met and matched by the affluent people in Lebanon.

In 2016, Khalaf Al Habtoor Hospital was opened in the town of Harar in Akkar - a poor area that suffers from a shortage of medical services, specialized physicians and necessary equipment. The hospital provides healthcare services to more than 22 villages in the deprived highlands of Akkar, Lebanon. The hospital has been put under the direction and supervision of Dar Al Fatwa; however, Al Habtoor continues to provide material support to this day.

In the last few years, Al Habtoor has provided assistance to more than 100,000 Lebanese and a large number of Palestinian and Syrian refugee families in Lebanon during the Holy month of Ramadan. He also extended a helping hand to many small enterprises and to individuals over the years, out of his love for this country and a feeling of sympathy and brotherhood towards its people.

Khalaf Al Habtoor has invested in Lebanon since the late 1990s. His investments include several touristic and real estate projects, most notably the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel, Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace and Al Habtoor Land. Total investments in Lebanon exceeded AED 2,400,000,000 (USD 650 million), thus contributing to the creation of jobs for thousands of families and securing job opportunities for a large number of real estate companies and other companies in Lebanon.

Al Habtoor said: “The country and people of Lebanon have always had a special place in my heart. I invested in Lebanon in the era of martyred PM Rafic El Hariri, because I wanted to contribute to the country’s revival, to stand with the Lebanese people and secure job opportunities for thousands of families. Over the years, I have launched many charitable initiatives that have benefited people from all areas and religious sects. I am pretty sure that Lebanon will soon be back on its feet, and we will be in the front line of the efforts to contribute to the revival of its economy.”