Khalaf Al Habtoor supports more than 10,000 families in 100 Lebanese villages

- Khalaf Al Habtoor continues his humanitarian aid work in Lebanon
- Donation benefits low-income families across the country

Khalaf Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group based in the UAE has come to the timely aid of needy Lebanese citizens, with humanitarian largesse in the form of food and blankets for the needy in time for the holiday season.

The highlight of this leg of the charity drive in Lebanon are the food packages and warm blankets distributed to more than 10,000 families in more than 100 villages, from the north to the south of the country. Relief has been distributed without discriminating between the target groups’ political sects or affiliations. This latest winter charity drive is only the first stage of the new initiative ‘The Lebanese Fund for a Better Future’, launched by Khalaf Al Habtoor earlier this month, to assist the country which is witnessing a transformative revolution.

The food packages were split up for distribution between regions, with Akkar district receiving the largest share of 3,000 rations. The rest of the packages were distributed between Hrar area, Jabal Al Cheikh, Ekleem Al Ourkoub, Bint Jbeil, West Balbak, Ersal, Tripoli, Dinniyeh, Ketermayeh, Al Werdaniyeh, Al Burjain, Shouf Al Aala, Iqleem At-Tuffah, and Beirut.

Al Habtoor said: "Lebanon and its people have a special place in my heart and the hearts of the people of the UAE and GCC. The citizens of Lebanon are suffering under the weight of the financial crisis, so it is the duty of every human that is able to help them to the best of his or her ability.”

He added: “From this standpoint, I reiterate my call to the wealthy Lebanese and businessmen who are able to demonstrate human sympathy and participate in the ‘Lebanese Fund for a Better Future’, an invitation that is unfortunately yet to be answered.”

Under the direction of Al Habtoor, a delegation of representatives — including Al Habtoor Group’s Chief Communications Officer Noura Badawi and Group General Counsel Hadi El Kadi, launched this year’s charity campaign at the Khalaf Al Habtoor Hospital – Hrar, in the north of Lebanon. As part of the visit’s activities, the representatives also opened the hospital’s new and modern neonatal care wing.

The visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist has extended generous contribution to Lebanon in various forms over the last decade, including refugee aid programmes, Ramadan campaigns, the establishment of the Hrar hospital and many donations.