Chairman Al Habtoor Welcomes Farah Al Atassi, President, @ACT

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman, Al Habtoor Group, welcomed Farah Al Atassi, President of American Arab Communication and Translation Center (ACT). The meeting took place at the Al Habtoor Group head office.

ACT is a leading research, translation, media, government relations, and business development company based in Washington DC. Dr Al Atassi is a Syrian, American and Lebanese expert and advisor on foreign international relations, the Middle East, and Cultural & Interfaith dialogue.

They discussed potential speaking opportunities in the US where Dr Al Atassi urged Chairman Al Habtoor to help educate young Arab youth living in America about Arab culture, and business practices.  

Al Habtoor said he would welcome the opportunity to speak at key universities in the US. “The youth are our future. It is important that young Arabs living abroad understand where they come from and have an understanding of their rich and bright culture and heritage.  Living in the West they are at risk of losing their identity.”

He added, “Our values and culture is somewhat of a mystery in the West, so it is important that we help them preserve their culture and pass it on from one generation to another irrespective of where they live and work.”

Also present in the meeting was Maan Halabi, Managing Director, Al Habtoor Group and Abdul Salam Al Marzooqi, General Manager, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Foundation.