Al Habtoor Tennis

Bringing to Dubai Today the Stars of Tomorrow.

Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge was created by the Chairman of Al Habtoor Group Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor, to encourage the development of Women's Tennis in the United Arab Emirates. He felt that establishing a professional ladies tournament in the Emirates would give a much-needed boost to the women's game in the region.

The tournament has seen top quality tennis players and some storming juniors. Historically, the tournament usually attracts a handful of players ranked among the top one hundred players in the world and some rising junior stars, this mixture of talent and experience produces an amazing atmosphere throughout the challange.

The AHTC was the first Professional Ladies Tennis Event in the region. It set a precedent that Gulf countries have followed with other ladies tournaments being established later. The event has prize money of $75,000, which according to the ITF ranking scale features some important points for all participants.

Al Habtoor Polo

Al Habtoor Polo is one of the pioneers who had introduced the game in the UAE sports arena attracting many nationals and expatriates to play polo in their own "sands" in the early days. The team has participated in many local and international tournaments and has won many of them. Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor, Chairman of Dubai-base Al Habtoor Group, and father of the promising Rashid and Mohammed, is an avid patron of sports himself. He is an active tennis player and founder of the Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge in Dubai and an enthusiast of horse related sports particularly polo and horse jumping.

Al Habtoor Polo consists of Rashid and Mohammed Al Habtoor. Already a leading force in the world of Polo in the Middle East. The team's efforts to promote Polo in Dubai and Dubai in the world of Polo as well as their aspirations of achieving ‘High Goal' status have gained high regard internationally. Al Habtoor Polo had participated major settings of International Polo – from Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup in England to Sotogrande in Spain, from France to Argentina.

Since March 2000, the Al Habtoor Polo have been working to build what today is recognised as a serious Polo organisation, fully backed by one of the most influential businessman in the Middle East, to take the exposure of the Habtoor name and Polo team Worldwide.