Established in 1983, Al Habtoor Motors is one of the leading automobile distributors in the UAE. Driven by professionalism and quality, the company offers the highest standards of customer service. Today, Al Habtoor Motors is synonymous with Mitsubishi and its range of saloons, 4x4s, Fuso and Canter commercial vehicles and coaches. Ralliart, the motor sports division of Mitsubishi Motors, appointed Al Habtoor Motors as its official distributor for the UAE in 2005.

Other automobile marques in the Al Habtoor stable include the majestic Bentley and powerful Bugatti. Al Habtoor Motors has experienced steady growth since its inception.

Today, it imports more than 60,000 vehicles every year from Japan. It has a well-established network of seven showrooms, eight service centres and twelveparts centres. The company has invested in the Al Habtoor Motors Centre for Genuine Parts & Services at Dubai Investment Park. This 200 working bay, state-of-the-art facility boasts the latest in diagnostic equipment and offers the very best in vehicle service.

The progressive development strategies, infrastructure investments and customer-focused culture and environment within Al Habtoor Motors are its stepping-stones to success.

Excellence, innovation and technical expertise have accelerated Al Habtoor Motors' growth as a company. While continuously demonstrating good corporate governance, the company's approach to customer satisfaction has seen it become the industry benchmark.

In keeping with its objective of constantly upgrading and enhancing its facilities, Al Habtoor Motors' upcoming vehicle parts and service complex at Dubai Industrial City will feature a vehicle storage and distribution centre. Covering a total area of 3,000,000 sq ft, the all-inclusive complex will enhance service support levels and meet Al Habtoor Motors' growing operational needs.

The building will comprise a 742 service bay unit for Mitsubishi petrol cars and diesel trucks, a 250 bay unit to handle Bentley cars and a 250,000 sq ft spare parts and accessories warehouse and distribution facility.

Construction of the project, with a total built-up area of 1.1 million sq ft and with car parks for 9,000 vehicles, is already underway and it is expected to be operational during 2009.

Al Habtoor Motors Mitsubishi Parts & Services Centre at Dubai Investment Park. Bantley & Ralli Art

In line with the varied nature of its brand portfolio, Al Habtoor Motors caters to a diverse customer base that includes royal families, rally and motoring enthusiasts and the corporate, construction, educational, transportation and hospitality sectors.

The company supplies fleet owners, such as rent-a-car and lease companies. Al Habtoor Motors follows a customer-oriented approach where innovation, quality and delivering value and personalised service are paramount. It is a friendly company that works in the best interests of its customers and delivers the best products and service at all times. Al Habtoor Motors' objective is to be the number one in the UAE in terms of volume and it will do this by building on its core strengths and particularly its people.